09 Februar 2006

Philosophie des Lehrens und Lernens

Ich hoffe, dass auch der eine oder andere Philosophie-Lehrer hin und wieder einen Blick in diese Seiten wirft... Gerade liegt mir das Mai-Heft des Journal of Philosophy of Education vor; es ist eine Sonderausgabe, die ganz das Werk Philosophy of the Teacher von Nigel Tubbs enthält. Ich zitiere aus der Einleitung:
But let me ask finally: who will want a philosophy of the teacher as it is presented here? The answer, I hope, is any teacher who feels, deep down, that there are educational truths in what they are doing that remain unrecognised not only within their schools, colleges or universities, but also within the theoretical perspectives that are designed to serve such work. I know now that, when I was training to be a teacher, I needed a philosophy of the teacher that could speak from within my own difficulties with theory and practice, with control and authority, and with the teacher–student relationship—the kinds of anxieties that, at some time, are common to all teachers. But in educational work on the teacher I found no real philosophy (that is, no real speculative philosophy, as I shall come to explain), and in philosophy there was very little interest in education in general or in the teacher in particular. Perhaps this book will find others now who are searching for the same thing, even if, as yet, they do not know it quite in this way.

Gesamte Inhaltsangabe hier.

Und wenn man schon mal dabei ist, kann man auch noch auf den Aufsatz von Wilfried Carr im gleichen Journal, Februar 2004 hinweisen: Philosophy and Education. Der Abstract:
This paper argues that the anxieties being expressed in the UK and elsewhere about the lack of impact that philosophy now has on education are nothing other than the inevitable manifestation of a fundamental intellectual disorder deeply rooted in our contemporary understanding of the philosophy of education. In trying to substantiate this claim, the paper offers an historically informed philosophical analysis of how philosophy is related to education and education to philosophy that concludes by clarifying how any debates about the current problems and future development of the philosophy of education ought to proceed.

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