16 Juni 2008

Von wem ist hier die Rede?

"X's work rises with the strength that reason provides and the confidence in the best qualities of human beings. If it was a flame of hope when it first appeared, today it is an established reality. ... X's work has transcended time and space and can therefore be considered a classic one. ... X's work has stirred consciousness and raised doubts, suggested ways forward and answered questions, recovered rational tradition and given it a new expression, a suitable framwork, for our culture and century. Y's work is a source of refreshing water, although not always peaceful.
His teachings are always with us."

Amen to that, Brother Enrique. Von wem schreibt Enrique Suárez-Iniguez in seinem Preface eines Bandes, der The power of argumentation heißt (Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2007)?

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