19 Februar 2009

Neue Zeitschrift: Berkeley studies

Ja, eigentlich ist die Zeitschrift nicht neu: früher Berkeley Newsletter, jetzt Berkeley studies, seit 1977 veröffentlicht! Offenbar gab's eine große Lücke nach 1998, bevor die Zeitschrift sich 2005 unter dem neuen Namen wieder ins Licht der Öffentlichkeit begab. Alle Beiträge sind frei online zugänglich.

Hier die Bemerkungen des Herausgebers Stephen H. Daniel im Editorial von Band 18 (2007) (pdf):

Ever since Berkeley started publishing his ideas in the first decade of the 18th century, commentators and critics have found outlets for discussing his life and doctrines. But in 1977 Ned Furlong and David Berman recognized a need to communicate information about not only the latest news and publications on Berkeley scholarship but also short notes relating to his life and thought. So in October of that year, with the support of the Department of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy, they published the first issue of the Berkeley Newsletter, a modest 12-page pamphlet distributed to a handful of scholars in Europe and North America.
The Newsletter appeared annually in its first nine years and every two years from 1987 to 1998 (when it ceased publication with Issue #15). In 2005 Bertil Belfrage spearheaded an effort to resurrect the Newsletter; and with the help of Silvia Parigi, Laurent Jaffro, Tom Stoneham, and especially Marc Hight and Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, the Newsletter appeared as Issue #16 in the online format you now see before you.
After reestablishing the Newsletter and guiding it through two issues, Bertil stepped down as senior editor last year. During those two years, it became evident that an online journal could accommodate full-length research articles as well as the notes, reviews, and announcements that characterized the newsletter. We have decided, therefore, to change the name of the journal from the Berkeley Newsletter to Berkeley Studies (Issue #18) to reflect its expanded mission. We will continue to provide updated bibliographic entries and news items; but we also invite those interested in Berkeley scholarship to visit the website of the International Berkeley Society ( and to consult the IBS publication Berkeley Briefs for information about events relating to the study of Berkeley.

(Ergänzung) Mancher Leser mag sich wundern, warum ich die Zeitschrift hier anzeige: Was ist daran neu? Antwort: Die Zeitschrift ist weder in der Zeitschriftendatenbank noch in der Elektronischen Zeitschriftenbibliothek bisher nachgewiesen. D.h. sie war bisher der bibliothekarischen Welt in Deutschland unbekannt.

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